YOTA Swim Team News

After near perfect performances at last week’s Paralympic CanAm Spring Nationals, Hannah Aspden and Lucas McCrory have been invited to represent the United States on international stage through their selection to the Pan-Pacific Team this August in Pasadena, California.Hannah Aspden is already... read more
YOTA with a traveling party of 49 athletes, coaches and chaperones arrived in Greensboro on Sunday afternoon for the 2014 YMCA National Championships! This will mark the 3rd consecutive year that the YMCA of the USA has chosen Greensboro as the host for the meet. 1,500 athletes and 300 teams will... read more
YOTA is heading to Miami, Florida! Coach Tom Hazelett, Lucas McCrory and Hannah Aspden will be heading South to Miami, Florida to compete in the 2014 Paralympic Spring Nationals / 2014 Spring Can-Am Championships!At the meet, Hannah and Lucas will compete for World Rankings and a selection to the... read more
YOTA took part in TWO meets this past weekend! Between March 20-24th over 300 YOTA athletes particpated in the Age Group Sectionals meet in Atlanta and the Tarheel States meet in Greensboro! From YMCA National cuts to new "BB" times, YOTA got BETTER! With the outstanding performances, YOTA ranks... read more


The YOTA Swim Team will create a culture of excellence where achievement is inevitable by focusing our efforts toward:

  1. Team success at designated YOTA focus meets.
  2. Establishing a program where athletes are taught to become confident and aggressive competitors with superior stroke mechanics, training and racing habits, and overall athletic fitness.
  3. Creating a fun, team-oriented environment while maintaining the integrity of the YMCA’s core values and beliefs.


The YOTA Swim Team is dedicated and committed to consistently leading the Triangle, North Carolina, and USA Swimming in developing athletes and individuals who achieve success at the highest reaches of their potential, both in and out of the pool.