YOTA Swim Team News

This year’s Capital Classic was one of the best to date.  YOTA achieved an incredible amount of lifetime bests along with some new YOTA Team records.  All the great swims from the weekend helped YOTA come out on top at the meet and set a path of success for the future.The following athletes won... read more
This year’s Turkey Classic Meet was a great success.  We had tons of impressive performances and YOTA really showed that hard work truly pays off.  The success of the athletes this early in the season was unprecedented.   Please check out some highlights below!The following athletes won their... read more
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          This past weekend we once again showed why the YOTA Swim Team is more than just a top 20 SWIM team in the country (although our swimmers proved that as well). We showed that YOTA is the #1 GIVING team in the country. The team culture exhibited at YOTA is just a small example of what makes... read more


The YOTA Swim Team will create a culture of excellence where achievement is inevitable by focusing our efforts toward:

  1. Team success at designated YOTA focus meets.
  2. Establishing a program where athletes are taught to become confident and aggressive competitors with superior stroke mechanics, training and racing habits, and overall athletic fitness.
  3. Creating a fun, team-oriented environment while maintaining the integrity of the YMCA’s core values and beliefs.


The YOTA Swim Team is dedicated and committed to consistently leading the Triangle, North Carolina, and USA Swimming in developing athletes and individuals who achieve success at the highest reaches of their potential, both in and out of the pool.